Eating Disorders

NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) 800-931-2237 

Crisis option: TEXT "NEDA" to 741741

Visit their website to: 

  • Utilize their screening tool 
  • Find treatment
  • Address recovery & relapse 
  • Contact via your preferred method (chat, phone, text) 


ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders 866-964-9280

The Only Dedicated Treatment Team for the Most Severe Eating Disorders.

"At ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health, we offer hope when all other medical care has failed."  


BOCA Recovery Center 800-516-4357 (click hyperlink title) 

BOCA Recovery Center is a free web resource and 24/7 helpline that provides information about addiction, pregnancy, eating disorders, and mental health issues. To help share more information, we created a comprehensive guide about substance abuse in the LGBTQI+ community.